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American Triple-T

Can teams participate in these races?

NO, this is an individual event only and you must do ALL segments of ALL four events.

Not quite up for the Triple-T? Then take on just the last day at the TOUGHMAN Ohio Half Iron.

Do I have to wear the official singlet?

Yes, all participants ARE REQUIRED to wear the American Triple-T OH singlet at all times during the four events (except for the swim). This is a special part of what makes the American Triple-T unique.

How is your scoring calculated?

Your total time is calculated for the final score.

How do we start?

Participants are ranked based on their fastest Half Ironman time from the previous year. All events feature time trial starts based on this time.

What is the terrain like at the American Triple-T in Ohio?

Hills and more hills — bring your climbing gears.

Are there cutoff times for the races?

Yes, Race #1 — One hour after the start of the last participant in the swim, Race #2 — Four hours and Thirty minutes after the last wave has begun, Race #3 — Four and Half hours after the last wave has begun, Race #4 — Eight hours after the start of the last wave. In addition, there are cutoff times for the bike courses that will be posted in the final race information packet.

How hard is the American Triple-T?

Most participants will consider the American Triple-T harder to finish than an Ironman. Don’t believe us? Go to www.slowtwitch.com and post the question on the forum for some feedback from those that have finished our Shawnee State Park event.

What is the water/air temperature at the park in June?

Low 70’s to high 60’s water temps and low 70’s to upper 80’s for the air temps.

Where is Salt Fork State Park?

Salt Fork State Park and the closest city of Cambridge, OH are nestled at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 77 in the lush foothills of the Appalachian Mountains between Columbus, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia. Cambridge is close enough for you to let your spirit roam free.