American Triple-T fueled by INFINIT & TOUGHMAN Ohio | Atwood Lake










The American Triple-T is not for the weak or faint of spirit. It has humbled many triathletes who didn’t take it seriously, and it validates a host of others who test their “tri-mettle” at the “T” every year. Athletes from all 50 states, and 4 continents have all sought the privilege of earning their American Triple-T finisher T-shirt. Competitors, volunteers and spectators all come away with a new appreciation of the sport and of the athletes who train and tame mind and body to complete this legendary event!

American triple-t store now open:

Don’t want to stuck wearing the same American Triple-T jersey the entire race weekend? No worries! Go to the official American Triple-T store and get the official American Triple-T gear for the entire weekend. Looking for a sweet one piece trisuit for the half iron on Sunday? or maybe some super comfortable bib shorts (it is a long day in the saddle)? The American Triple-T store has everything you need to look sharp and be comfortable during this tough weekend of racing. All orders are shipped directly to you and there is only a 5 week turnaround once the store closes on February 15th.

HFP RacingThe American Triple-T and TOUGHMAN Ohio are organized by HFP Racing.