FAQ's - Trail Runs - HFP Racing

Stone House 50/50 Trail Runs

Will there be aid stations?

Trail Race #2 & #3: There will be two aid stations along the 10.4 mile loop, and will be stocked with water, Infinit Fuel, gels and electrolytes. All participants are encouraged to carry a water bottle.

Trail Race #1: There will NOT be an aid station for the Friday night 5K.

What time does each event start?

Friday 5/2023
• 5K @ 6:00 PM

Saturday 5/2023
• 50 Miler @ 6:00 AM
• 50 Mile Relay, 20 Miler & 10 Miler @ 8:00 AM

Sunday 5/2023
• 50K @ 7:30 AM
• 50K Relay & 10 Miler @ 8:30 AM

Are there cut-off times?

TRAIL RACE #2: 50 Miler (Individual & Team), 20 Miler, 10 Miler
• 14 Hour cutoff
• Multi Lap participants MUST leave on their final lap by 4:30 PM

TRAIL RACE #3: 50K (Individual & Team), 10 Miler
• 10 Hour cutoff
• Multi Lap participants MUST leave on their final lap by 1:45 PM

What is the elevation gain?

Over 1,100 elevation gain each lap

Can I defer my race entry to next year or get a refund?

No, there are no refunds, exceptions noted below. You can defer your entry through March 1, 2022. After that date, there will be no deferrals or transfers permitted.

Why No Refunds or Transfers After March 1?

The trail runs have certain costs that need to be incurred as of March 1. As of March 1st our race budget has to be 100% accurate to allow for all items involved to be booked and produced in time for race day.

What If I Get Pregnant?

CONGRATULATIONS! That’s exciting! We offer a full refund of race entry upon doctor’s certification of pregnancy.

What If I Break My Leg / Become Seriously Ill / Have To Attend A Wedding Unexpectedly / Have A Death In The Family

No exceptions can be made to our refund policy. During the registration process you were asked if you wanted to purchase personal cancellation insurance. If you chose to do so you can open a refund claim through that policy. If you did not purchase the additional refund insurance, you are, unfortunately, out of luck.

Can I have a pacer?

Pacers are ONLY allowed for the 50 Miler race on Saturday.
• In the 50 Miler may have 1 pacer ONLY, and only on the last lap (Pacers must register, sign in and receive a PACER identifier on the day of the event)
• If you are on the course with multiple pacers, a pacer that has not been registered or a pacer on a lap before the last one, you will be disqualified
• The ONLY event for pacers of any kind will be on Saturday for the 50 Mile event