FAQ's | ToughMan Ohio | HFP Racing


How do we start?

We use a 3-person time trial start by division

What is the terrain like at the TOUGHMAN Ohio?

Hills and more hills — bring your climbing gears.

Are there cutoff times for the races?

Yes, Eight hours after the start of the last wave. In addition, there are cutoff times for the bike courses that will be posted in the final race information packet.

What is the water/air temperature at the park in June?

Low 70’s to high 60’s water temps and low 70’s to upper 80’s for the air temps.

Where is Salt Fork State Park?

Salt Fork State Park and the closest city of Cambridge, OH are nestled at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 77 in the lush foothills of the Appalachian Mountains between Columbus, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia, Cambridge is close enough for you to let your spirit roam free.